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Harness the power of physical and mental vitality to live with intention, challenge boundaries, and uplift those around you.

Why VTLZR? The Genesis of Vitalizing Lives

In the bustling heart of a city, a group of visionary individuals came together, united by a common desire to live with intention, push boundaries, and go beyond average. Their mantra, “Live with Intention, Push Boundaries, Go Beyond Average,” became their creed.

Determined to break free from the ordinary, they embarked on a journey fueled by unwavering commitment. Challenges were embraced as opportunities to push their limits and discover hidden potential within themselves.

As their movement, VTLZR, grew, it inspired others to dream bigger and strive for excellence. Together, they proved that life was meant for those who dared to live with intention and reject mediocrity.

VTLZR’s story reminds us that we should all aim to live with purpose, to constantly challenge our limits, and to rise above the average. It’s a testament to the incredible heights we can reach when we choose to embrace these ideals, fostering a world where living with intention and pushing boundaries is the norm, not the exception.

Meet the Vitalizer: Derek Morgen

Derek Morgen, a New Jersey native and an aficionado of physical vitality, has always chased excellence, whether on the soccer field during his college days, in building businesses, or while pursuing athletic endeavors like weightlifting and running. His love for infusing energy into life and lives around him culminated into VTLZR. His vision is simple yet profound: to help individuals not just live, but thrive, by embracing physical challenges and mental resilience.

The word vitalizer means a lot to me. It’s someone who instills energy into others, and it’s a constant reminder to attack every day with purpose, spreading positivity and helping others grow.

That’s why I started VTLZR – to help others – physically and mentally.

It’s about more than just feeling alive. It’s living with intention, taking on challenges, and pushing boundaries to get exactly what you want out of life. To help as many people as possible go beyond “average”.

Becoming a personal trainer and working with other coaches, we’ll use VTLZR to provide coaching services, programs, events, guides, seminars, race teams, and more to help as many people as possible achieve their goals.

It’s not just physical challenges. It’s about mental strength and resilience. It’s about a community that supports and uplifts each other.

It’s my mission to give others an outlet to reach their maximum potential, whether they recognize it or not.

Join us on our journey to becoming vitalizers, and let’s make a difference together.

Vitalizing Body and Mind – Beyond the Average

Unlocking Potentials: Our Offerings

coaching services

VTLZR provide customized fitness coaching to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals through tailored workout plans and nutritional guidance.


VTLZR host informative fitness seminars covering exercise, nutrition, and healthy living to empower individuals to improve their well-being.

race teams

VTLZR offer race teams specialized coaching to boost their fitness and performance, tailoring training and nutrition for peak condition.

Become a Part of Something Bigger

A vibrant and supportive community in VTLZR is inclusive, welcoming individuals of all fitness levels and backgrounds. It thrives on knowledge sharing, motivating and encouraging its members, while fostering a sense of accountability. Group activities, challenges, and shared goals create a strong sense of camaraderie and purpose. Constructive feedback and positive reinforcement are common, boosting members’ confidence and morale. Experienced mentors or coaches provide guidance, and online platforms help keep members connected, sharing achievements and advice. Effective communication channels further enhance interaction and information sharing, creating an environment where individuals are inspired to achieve their fitness goals and supported by their peers.