What is the VTLZR Community of Hybrid Athletes and High-Performers?

what is vtlzr

Welcome to VTLZR, a community of hybrid athletes and high-performers promoting the benefits of strength and endurance training for mental and physical health.

We’ve seen the power of combining these training methods firsthand, creating a balanced approach to physical fitness that increases performance, boosts recovery, and develops healthier habits for a better life.

We want to share the knowledge and benefits with as many people as possible.

That is our mission: to make the world a healthier, happier place through exercise, high-performance habits, proper nutrition, and hybrid athletics.

Our goal is to give YOU the resources and support to live an incredible, purpose-filled life and to feel great doing it.

Why is making the world a healthier place our mission?

There’s an intense correlation between physical and mental well-being & it is our goal to help millions of people become more fit to live a better life.

To shed light on the state of American health, here are recent statistics from various studies:

  • ​70%​ of U.S. adults fail to meet the combined physical activity and strength training benchmark
  • ​25%​ of U.S. adults are not active at all
  • ​1 in 5​ American kids is considered obese, and 25% of children 6–17 fail to achieve 60 minutes of daily physical activity
  • Nearly 30% of U.S. teens ​report​ poor mental health, with 22% having seriously considered suicide

Opinions vary, but it’s clear that as screen time increases, so do the rates of mental and physical health issues.

That’s our why.

We want to help the world embrace exercise and social community, and at VTLZR, movement is the movement.

Our movement is specifically hybrid athlete training for physical and mental toughness.

However, that style of training is not a requirement to be part of this community.

We created this community to help millions across the USA put down their phones and pick up the weights or hit the trails, and we want YOU to join us on this incredible journey.

Why the name “Vitalizer”?

The term “Vitalizer” is derived from the word ‘vitalize,’ which means to give strength or energy.

But in our context, a “Vitalizer” is more than that.

It’s defined as “someone who imparts energy, vitality, and spirit to others,” but we don’t stop there.

A Vitalizer champions the cause of holistic fitness, embodying the strength of weightlifting and the endurance of cardio training while inspiring and motivating others to embark on their own journey toward a healthier life.

They are the heart and soul of our community, driving our mission forward with enthusiasm and commitment.

Vitalizersembrace the uncomfortable‘ with the understanding that there’s growth on the other side.

They relentlessly challenge themselves to reach new heights, pushing the boundaries of their physical and mental capacities – while supporting the community around them.

Vitalizers lead by example yet take the time to support and celebrate the successes of their peers.

They strive to outdo their past performances, understanding that growth is a continuous journey that requires consistent effort, perseverance, and a mindset of resilience.

It’s this unwavering commitment to personal growth that sets Vitalizers apart. Their journey is a testament to the transformative power of hybrid training, and they continually inspire others with their ability to transcend conventional fitness paradigms.

They truly embody the spirit of the hybrid athlete, experiencing growth like never before.

What to expect from our community of hybrid athletes and high-performers

As we roll out the VTLZR community, you can expect to be surrounded by a diverse group of hybrid athletes and high-performers dedicated to pushing their physical and mental limits.

A community of like-minded, driven individuals

As a member of the VTLZR community, you’ll gain access to this network of inspiring individuals. These athletes share your passion for pushing the limits of physical and mental capacities, offering support, motivation, and invaluable insights.

Whether you’re a veteran athlete or just starting your hybrid training journey, you’ll find our community a vibrant platform for growth, learning, and shared triumphs.

The Latest Research, Insights, Tips, and Content

Our hybrid athletes and high-performers are constantly discovering new ways to push the boundaries of their physical capabilities. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest research, insights, tips, and content from our team as well as external sources, so you can stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in hybrid training.

There will be blogs, newsletters, videos, and more from experts in the field to help you understand the science behind hybrid training as well as practical tips for aspiring athletes.

Attend in-person workouts and events

As part of the VTLZR community, you can attend formal and informal in-person workouts and events. These gatherings are not just a chance for you to perfect your hybrid training techniques but also an opportunity to personally connect with other like-minded individuals.

Networking with other driven individuals can inspire you to push further, improve your performance, and reach heights you may have thought impossible.

Early access to VTLZR apparel and partnership discounts

One of the significant perks of being part of the VTLZR community is getting early access to our exclusive VTLZR athletic apparel. These custom-designed pieces encapsulate the ethos of a hybrid athlete and are crafted to support your training and endurance goals.

Moreover, our partnerships with leading brands in the fitness industry offer additional benefits. As a VTLZR community member, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts on high-performance sporting goods and fitness equipment.

Connect with hybrid athletes, coaches, and health & wellness experts

The VTLZR community is a melting pot of hybrid athletes, fitness coaches, health and wellness experts, entrepreneurs, and high performers across the USA. You’ll gain access to one-on-one or group coaching, accountability groups, online courses, downloadable guides, and more created by experienced and passionate professionals who are helping you reach your maximum potential.

This diverse network offers an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, receive actionable advice, engage in meaningful conversations, learn from one another’s experiences, and share your successes with a like-minded community.

Join us for educational online events

The VTLZR community is not just about fostering connections and facilitating discussions. We take our commitment to our physical and mental health seriously.

You will have exclusive access to various online events, workshops, webinars, and summits, all aimed at equipping you with the knowledge and skills to excel as a hybrid athlete.

These events feature renowned speakers from various fields, including experts in hybrid athletic training, nutrition specialists, psychologists, and successful athletes. Through these interactive sessions, you can gain insights into the latest research, training methodologies, diet plans, and mental strategies that can significantly enhance your athletic performance and overall well-being.

Join us, take advantage of these valuable resources, and take your hybrid athletic training to the next level.

Run, network, eat & dance at our annual VITALIZER 5K

Beginning in early 2024, a major highlight of the VTLZR community will be our annual VITALIZER 5K event. It is the perfect blend of a fitness challenge and social interaction, and put your hybrid athleticism to the test while enjoying a festive atmosphere with the VTLZR community.

This year’s race will happen in Hoboken, NJ – stay tuned!

Kick off your day with the exhilarating 5K run, where you showcase your strength and endurance capabilities.

Post-race, network with other hybrid athletes, fitness coaches, and wellness experts, grab some food and join the dance party fun to celebrate your achievement.

Welcome to the VTLZR Hybrid Revolution

As we move into 2024, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re just months away from some truly incredible experiences here at VTLZR.

Stay tuned as we prepare to launch more online events, workshops, and webinars designed to enhance your hybrid athletic journey further.

We’ll soon offer exclusive strength and endurance training programs, nutritional guides, group and private coaching, and mental resilience strategies.

All of these are aimed at helping you surpass your fitness goals.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the VTLZR community, and we can’t wait to share all the fantastic things we’ve been working on.

Stay strong, stay motivated, and get ready to take your hybrid athleticism to the next level!

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