6 Pillars of Hybrid Training & the Pursuit of Growth

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  • Workout: Mr. Olympia’s Shoulder Press
  • Quote: Doing hard things to get what you want
  • Framework: 6 pillars of hybrid athlete training
  • Resource: Rich Roll & Chris Williamson on transforming your life

Workout: 7x Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath’s dumbbell shoulder press for bolder shoulders

Every exercise has its variations, and we can sit around and argue for hours about which makes the most impact.

For shoulder presses, there’s no denying Phil Heath’s variation is KILLER. I’ve felt my shoulders get stronger and rounder after a few weeks of using his tweaks in my routine.

The 7-time Mr. Olympia champion clearly knows what it takes to get strong, bolder shoulders.

He has two tweaks to the seated shoulder press for strength and size:

  1. Stop at 90º. Going further will not contract the muscles and risk injury.
  2. Hold them slightly wider than usual, almost pressing outward as you lift weights.

Here’s Phil Heath’s walkthrough:


“The magic you are looking for is in the work you’re avoiding.”
– Unknown

A reminder that success and growth are achieved by embracing and overcoming challenges and obstacles. The hard things we avoid are the things we need to overcome to achieve our goals or become who we want to be.

Stop avoiding the hard thing.

The hard workout. The tedious task. The challenging conversation.

Remember the growth that comes from doing hard things, and go do it. You’ll feel a hell of a lot better when it’s done.

Framework: The 6 Pillars of Hybrid Athlete Training

Hybrid Athlete training is not a trend; it’s a new standard for optimal athletic performance.

From Nick Bare, one of the most influential people in the Hybrid Athlete space, comes an innovative training framework called “The 6 Pillars of Hybrid Athlete Training.”

Pillar #1: Strength Training
Prioritize resistance training for muscle development, focusing on compound movements and intensity.

Pillar #2: Running
Embrace endurance training as a complementary element to muscle building, understanding that running can actually promote muscle hypertrophy.

Pillar #3: Nutrition
Fuel your body with adequate calories, carbohydrates, and protein to support performance, recovery, and muscle growth. Proper hydration with water and electrolytes is a must.

Pillar #4: Strategic Volume Progression
Gradually increase training volume to promote progressive overload and maximize gains in both strength and endurance.

Pillar #5: Objective Data
Track and analyze key metrics such as body weight, strength, run times and heart rate, blood work results, or body composition to assess progress and make informed adjustments.

Pillar #6: Recovery
Prioritize rest, autoregulation, and quality sleep as crucial components of the training process to optimize performance and facilitate proper recovery.

Nail these six pillars, and you’ll be on your way to your fitness goals while promoting muscle hypertrophy and improved endurance.

Resource: Stop Making Excuses & Transform Your Life – Rich Roll & Chris Williamson

On a long run this week, I listened to this episode from Chris Williamson’s podcast, Modern Wisdom, featuring the LEGEND, ultra-endurance athlete, podcaster, and health & wellness advocate Rich Roll.

They discuss the relentless pursuit of goals, the balance between working hard to achieve dreams without compromising one’s sanity and well-being, overcoming excuses, and what it means to have “lower companions” who hold you back.

A top-tier listen.


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