Regret Minimalization & Doing What You Love – November 15, 2023

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Regret Minimalization & Doing What You Love

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  • Workout: Hybrid Wednesday
  • Quote: Gurwinder Bhogal on regret minimalization
  • Lesson Learned: Doing what YOU like to do
  • Resource: Rich Roll & Ken Rideout on pushing boundaries

Workout: Hybrid Wednesday

Here’s a typical hybrid Wednesday for me right now.

6 AM: 4-mile run – Zone 2, Easy run.

  • Find your Zone 2 Max Heart Rate: 180 – AGE
  • Run as slow as you need to keep your heart rate below that

5 PM: Chest & Tris

  • Warm-Up: TRX (Ys, Ts, and Push Ups)
  • Incline DB Chest Press (5×6)
  • Incline DB Fly (4×12)
  • Decline Push-Ups (3×20)
  • Low to High Cable Flies (3×10)
  • Tricep Dips (4×10)
  • Rope Tricep Exentensions (4×12)

Quote: Gurwinder Bhogal on Regret Minimalization

“Somewhere in the future, your older self is watching you through memories. Whether it’s with regret or nostalgia depends on what you do now.”

– Gurwinder Bhogal

What would tomorrow you want you to do today?

What actions would you take? What decisions would you make? What risks would you be willing to take?

As we navigate life, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about our future selves. But taking a moment to think about what our future self would think can help guide us towards making choices we won’t regret.

There are two types of regret: regret for actions we took and regret for actions we didn’t.

While the former is easier to deal with, the latter can be a source of distress and guilt.

But with regret minimization, we can make better decisions that will benefit our future selves.

Lesson Learned: Do what YOU like to do!

The more you do things that YOU like, the more you’ll surround yourself with similar people

As humans, we’re social creatures. We naturally want to fit in and be accepted by others.

It forces us to conform, and unless we recognize that, we’re molded by what others expect of us rather than staying true to our own interests and passions.

The more we prioritize the things that bring us joy and fulfillment, the more likely we’ll attract like-minded individuals with similar values and interests.

Starting VTLZR was the greatest thing I could have done for myself, and I haven’t made 1¢ off it.

I thoroughly enjoy writing about health and exercise, hybrid athlete training and the benefits of endurance and strength training, and doing hard things to challenge myself.

What has it done for me?

It’s brought me into the fitness world, where I’ve already met countless incredible people who share similar passions and drive. I’ve talked to other athletes and social media influencers who inspire me daily. It’s gotten me into several groups of highly motivated, impressive people who push me to improve.

It applies in the fitness world and all aspects of life: The more we pursue our interests and passions, the more likely we’ll meet individuals who share those values and goals.

The lesson learned here is simple: prioritize your own happiness and interests, put it out into the world, and you’ll naturally connect with others who share those same values and passions.

Resource: WIN OR DIE: Ken Rideout Has Zero Tolerance For Excuses

Simply an incredible interview. In this week’s episode of the Rich Roll Podcast, he had on Ken Rideout.

Ken is one of the world’s top master athletes, crowned the “World’s Best Marathoner Over 50” by the New York Times.

Venturing into ultramarathons with no prior experience, he completed the Gobi March, a 155-mile self-supported run across Mongolia’s harsh desert terrain, which he not only finished but won by over 84 minutes.

He shares his strategy, mindset tools, discipline, consistency, and humility that fuel his growth and enable him to get better, faster, and stronger in his 50s.

His vulnerability and authenticity are refreshing, and his message is powerful: greatness stems from discomfort.

Give this one a listen ASAP.



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