Arnold’s Perspective On Life & The 1 in 60 Rule – November 1, 2023

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Workout: 15-minute bodyweight challenge
Quote: Arnold on getting the most out of life
Framework: The 1 in 60 Rule
Resource: Huberman on The Science & Use of Cold Exposure for Health & Performance 

Workout: 15-Minute Bodyweight VTLZR Challenge

You don’t need a luxury gym to get in shape. Here’s a bodyweight challenge that you can do anywhere.

Today’s quote: Arnold on making the most of life

“No one gets into sports to not win. So why would you go into life to not aim for exactly what you want? This life isn’t a dress rehearsal. It’s not a practice or a training session. It’s the real thing. It’s the only one that you have. So see it, and then be it.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger, Be Useful

I just finished Arnold’s new book, Be Useful.

It’s full of Arnold jargon. One-liners, speeches, and stories that make me want to run through a brick wall. This one stuck with me.

It’s because too many people go through life without a clear idea of what they want. They think it’s enough just to get by or success is too far to consider.

So they don’t risk trying.

1) Identify what you want from life.

A family milestone, a professional accomplishment, a physical achievement – anything (or multiple things).

2) Write it down & visualize it (see it).

Map it from point B to A – work backward to figure out how to get there

3) Take action (believe it)

Sure, Arnold’s had his ups and downs, successes and failures, in the face of the public too. Nothing was stopping him.

He wanted to win the Mr. Olympia competition. He did…7 times.
He wanted to move to America. He moved at age 21.
He wanted to get into showbusiness. He became Conan the Barbarian.
He wanted to be a leading man. He was elected Governor of California at 56.

Map out what you want, and take action – that’s the bridge between a dream and reality.

The 1% who DO are the ones who get what they want in their lives.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you take action every single day, and embrace the journey along the way.

Framework: The 1 in 60 Rule

The 1 in 60 rule is an aviation term that helps pilots understand where they are.

If the plane’s heading is off by 1°, after 60 nautical miles, they will be a mile off-course.

The concept applies directly to progress and growth.

A small deviation – even just one degree, can be all the difference in success or failure. A small miss now creates a larger miss later.

It shows you may not be far off from success. You may be one small shift away and need to make a tiny adjustment to reach your goal.

While you should focus on delivering every single day, you have to take a step back and look at the broader picture from time to time.

Are you heading in the direction you want to go?
Have you deviated from your original plan?

Use the 1 in 60 rule as a reminder to stay on track and make small adjustments along the way.

If you can regularly measure progress and identify the small deviations from your plan, you can take action quickly and get back on track.

Resource: Huberman on The Science & Use of Cold Exposure for Health & Performance

This past week I embraced the cold. It sucked.

I cold plunged for the first time during marathon prep, but felt incredible after.

My heart rate during the first 2-3 miles of a run is usually 142-148.

Cold plunging an hour before my run, my legs felt brand new, and my heart rate was around 130 for the first 2 miles.

I also went to Zen Om Studio in Hoboken, NJ, for cryotherapy and compression boots. After a 3-minute cryo session, I felt alive, and the sore legs felt at least 50% better.

Andrew Huberman, associate professor of neurobiology at Stanford University School of Medicine and world-renowned podcaster, explains the benefits of cold exposure (showers, plunges, cryo, etc.) in this YouTube video & short blog.

Blog: The Science & Use of Cold Exposure for Health & Performance


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